Corporate Flowers

By making Cedar Edge Floral your in-house florist, we can provide fresh bouquets for: 

Reception - Make a great first impression with a local, organic, farm fresh bouquet.

Employee Recognition - For anniversaries, achievement awards, or bereavement gifts.

Corporate Events - We can do full set-up and installation for your event, whether in-house or on-site.

Express it with Flowers! We can work within any budget, color scheme, floral selection, and customize and tailor your ideas to fit within your specifications for your special events. 

We also offer a floral bar! Be it a corporate event, anniversary, wedding, or a thank you to friends and colleagues, guests can create their own bouquet in this unique experience. We provide you with different buckets of blooms for your employees or guests to craft their own beautiful bouquets. 

We listen to our customers and promise attentive creative service. Whether rustic or refined, intimate or grand, we arrange flowers for all event sizes, and would be happy to help you bring your vision to life!

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