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BYOBB - Build Your Own Bundle of Blooms

BYOBB - Build Your Own Bundle of Blooms

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Get a seasonal selection of stems to create your own bouquets! Every bucket is filled with a variety of blooms and filler for you to create your own bouquets for special events, decorations, birthday parties, and more! 

Blooms in your Bucket Bundle can make up to 6 to 8 mason jar sized centerpieces for your special event. Each bucket holds between 60-100 stems depending on the flowers in season.

Color Palettes:

Spring into Sunshine - J.T.
No matter what the day may bring, the J.T., will make you smile and look for the positives in any task that comes your way. This bucket is filled with blooms in a sunshine palette. The flowers will be a mix of yellows, whites, and creams with some filler.

Plethora of Colors - Suzie Q.
The Suzie Q has a love of flowers and instills in us that all colors are beautiful. This vibrant bucket of blooms encompasses all shapes, varieties, and hues!

Boho Chic - C. Mac
When we think of the C. Mac, we think of a free spirited, rustic, yet refined palette of flowers. The loose organic feel with wildflowers and some traditional blooms can blend together to make an artistic masterpiece!

Blushing Perfection - Marie Claire
The Marie Claire is filled with blush and vibrant pink tones mixed with amethyst, periwinkle, and lavender shades that create a cheery feel.

Summer Snow - Lil’Peg & Moe
Nothing is more classic than clean white blooms paired with fresh greens. Varying textures and heights add interest to the Lil’Peg & Moe!

We also offer a floral bar! Be it a corporate event, wedding, or a thank you to friends, guests can create their own bouquet in this unique experience. We fill a table with a wide selection of beautiful blooms to be crafted into their own visions.

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About Our Flowers

All our blooms are grown on our farm in Rhode Island, and because of the nature (pun intended) of our work, the flowers you get may differ from what's shown in the photo. If you have any questions, please contact us.